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Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in e-commerce

E-commerce generally refers to commercial transactions like buying, selling, leasing, hiring, etc., conducted electronically over the internet. At a very early stage, people were hesitant of transacting online but with the changing trend, advanced security services and movement of entire economy towards a paperless society, e-commerce is widely supported and practiced by a fair size of population.

The policies concerning FDI in e-commerce have evolved quickly in the last few years and the government has been constantly refining the relevant provisions. Some ambiguities still haunt people, either by deliberate design or otherwise, and it is believed that these complexities will … Read more


Understanding GST concepts

Since the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST), early-day jitters have given way to general acceptance that this may not be the most perfect single tax system, but with each passing day the alterations and modifications introduced in GST regime has made it feasible to be accepted with open arms by the people. However, understanding the diversified provisions inculcated in this Act can be challenging for some. Two such provisions are explained in detail as follows:

Place of Supply (PoS)
A comprehensive, destination based tax, GST was introduced as an indirect tax on the supply of goods or services … Read more