Steps for Uploading Bank Transactions in Quickbooks

1. Download the Bank Statements using Online Banking Website in PDF format.
2. Convert the Bank Statements from PDF to excel/ csv format using any software like Adobe
Acrobat XI.
3. Delete those transactions which are already appearing in Quickbooks and identify transactions
which are yet to be uploaded.
4. For those transactions which are yet to be uploaded, prepare a csv file containing the following
3 columns:
1) Date in format MM/DD/YY
2) Description
3) Amount: All debit amounts should be negative and all credit amounts should be
5. Go to website:
6. Enter User ID and Password to Sign In.



7. Following screen will display:

bank2Select the Company on which you are working.


8. On the right hand side of the screen, Bank Accounts will be displayed:

bank3Select the appropriate Bank Account.


9. On the right hand side, select Update  File Upload:




10. Browse to select the csv file which was earlier created. Click Next:




11. Select the Account wherein tansaction needs to be uploaded. Click Next:



12. Following screen will be displayed. Check the selections as per your csv file. Then Click Next.




13. Select the transactions to import. Click Next.




14. Following dialogue box appears. Click Yes.




15. Click Finish




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