Steps Need To Follow For Processing Closing Reports In Quickbooks

1) Open Closing reports in PDF.
2) Go to website:
3) Enter User ID and Password to Sign In.



4) Following screen will display :-

quick2Select the Company on which you are working.


5) Before getting started with the processing of closing reports, you have to setup the Customer
and Vendor list. For that go to the customer list on the panel given on the left side of the





6) Then Click on New Customer :-




7) Fill the following mandate fields and Click Save button.




8) For creating vendor Go to the Vendor list on the panel given on the left side of the screen :-quick6



9) Then Go to the New Vendor :-




10) Fill the mandate fields then click Save Button.




11) Now Click on the Check label given in the Vendor column.





12) Fill the required fields and then click on the Save and Close Button.




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