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Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

Whatever you business is, we will simplify and streamline your business processes, so that you can focus on your core competencies.

In today's business world it becomes quite a challenge for business enterprises to carry out all their audits, accounts and finance management on their own. Hence, this is where we step in. As chartered accountants, we help small and medium enterprises or large companies manage their finance, accounts, taxation and payroll processing and help them make best use of their resources. We are customized service providers which help you excel.

Our diverse clientele includes covering asset managers, custodians, broker dealers, wealth managers, trust companies, hedge fund administrators, benefit administration providers and transfer agencies.

Our business process outsourcing areas include :

Payroll Outsourcing : Payroll Outsourcing primarily helps companies file tax returns on time, easing the pressure of work, reducing the load and help them get more efficient with their core business. We simplify your complexities and offer highly comprehensive and best payroll processing services.

Accounts Outsourcing : Our key focus areas are providing transformational value to our clients through process excellence-automation, re-engineering and internal/external benchmarking and variable pricing models.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing : We support organizations looking for innovative solutions and services to achieve operational competitiveness. Backed by an integrated IT-KPO approach, we focus on delivering transformational value to our clients, beyond managing SLAs.

Legal Process Outsourcing : Legal process outsourcing is quite a long procedure. It involves various processes like research, analytics, drafting, paralegal services, intellectual property rights, patents and legal research AJSH & Co LLP. pledge to provide the most efficient, effective and economic legal support. We have clients all over the globe whom we help make a mark in the competitive global world.

Our team are also experts at preparing Management Information System (MIS) reports.