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Company Formation in Delhi India & FDI

Case Study:Company Formation in India

Objective :
The client is a London based company with presence in over 80 countries across six continents.The company helps its clients to successfully deliver projects around the world by sourcing and supplying top professionals in fields such as IT, Telecom, Project Management, Cyber & IT Security, Presales, Sales & After Sales, Compliance and Security. With offices in Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia and the Americas - they are striving to be at the top in delivering the best possible services and support to organizations that need complex services on a global basis.

Case Overview :
The Company is helping many of the worlds' leading companies to achieve their business goals by providing them a world class outsourcing, staffing and contingent workforce services by aligning their hiring processes to each client's distinct requirements. Support for achieving that, comes from the staff specializing in the following departments of the business:

  • Recruitment & Outsourcing
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Accommodation
  • Travel
  • Visa & Immigration
  • In-Country support services
  • Health and safety support

The client now wants to expand its operations and wants to provide their discrete services in India.

The primary objective of the client was to provide their services in other countries. For this purpose they needed to set up their company at a location where they could set up a robust and reliable distribution network. Apart from this they had various other requirements with respect to their business and location as well. Some of the requirements they had were:

  • The client wanted to set up in a location where companies from their industry were present.
  • They wanted to provide support in project specific needs of the clients and tailored to meet their objectives.
  • They wanted to appoint an Indian Director, since they had no presence in India they could not locate anyone.
  • They wanted a specific naming pattern which they are following in their other countries and wanted to be that followed in India as well.
  • Providing local operational support in the territories where their client does not operate.

Business Solution:
The client approached us for assistance regarding this issue. We started by requesting and then analyzing their requirements. We understood that they wanted to set up a new business with minimum costs. We provided them support to identify the location and minimum statutory requirements in terms of shareholding, directorship etc. In terms of name also, we provided them support for minimum capital requirement and helped them to comply by minimizing other costs.

The clients agreed with our assessment and incorporated their company.

Current Status:
The company has expanded its operations to cover more than 80 countries with an endeavor to expand even more. Their customers are highly satisfied with their delivery times which has generated a lot of goodwill for them. They were able to increase their business by more than twice as planned. The client recently shared with us their requirements to expand further into many more countries. We extended our services.


Case study on Company Formation in India - Starting Business in Delhi