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Reporting Automation

AJSH provides third- party support for reporting and MIS automation of software like Hyperion & Tableau. One of our partners has implemented Hyperion in 3 companies during his career. You can be benefitted in several below ways:

  • Higher value single interface support
  • Single point of contact for all the data requirements
  • Designing of dashboards in co-ordination with Hyperion & Tableau administration team.

Our services will include:

  1. Creating dimensions

    By a hassle free interaction with the senior management across organization, creating dimensions of reports and forms which can be used as dash boards can benefit your organization to gain business insights and decision making practices for your regular activities.

  2. Designing data forms and data entry points

    Designing the forms from where data can be entered at an agreed frequency & writing SOP's stating the designation responsible for entry of data and designation responsible for approval of data.

  3. Signing off on output forms

    The best templates / dashboards agreed by the management can be useful for your organization's growth.

  4. Set up and testing business rules

    Setting up the rules for KPI & reports, balance sheets, profit & loss in order to align the same for internal SOP's and definitions.

  5. Uploading budget

    Reviewing budget data is essential for the first time implementation which helps in uploading Hyperion.

  6. Validating output forms

    We collaborate with Hyperion administration team for validation of outputs and help them validating it with the definitions agreed.