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Sez - Special Economic Zones

Sez - Special Economic Zones

We will help you in registering in SEZ and reduce the complexity for your business to grow.

A special economic zone is a geographical area which is different from the rest of the country because it has certain rules and regulations pertaining to it. These zones are special areas in a country that possess unique economic regulations. The measures are conducive to foreign direct investment. It is always advantageous to conduct a business idea in a SEZ because conducting a business in a SEZ means the company will receive tax incentives and is subject to pay low taxes.

Asian countries like India was the first to recognize the efficiency of the Export Processing zone (EPZ) model which is used to promote exports.

An area in a state which we can consider as Duty free zone in basically called SEZ. This area is free from high excise duties and charges by the government and they provide tax exemption on duties (IT, Excise, Customs, sales) and subsidies on use of water and electricity. It is an entity outside the custom boundaries of India in relation to authorized operations. We can Setup SEZ units for various purposes like manufacturing, rendering of services and trading. AJSH & Co. also helps in registration of the SEZ unit in India, obtaining certificates for the functioning of the SEZ, providing different kinds of reports and provides assistance in SEZ compliances.